Our Platform

The world’s only digital platform for supply chain planning and automation solutions that are built in and deployed on Salesforce and AWS clouds, for scale and security.

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ketteQ architecture brings together two leading cloud platforms to act as one, leveraging the unique advantages of each.

Collaborative User Experience

ketteQ can deploy solution user experience on the Salesforce cloud.  When customers do, they experience many advantages, including:

Better demand signal and collaboration between sales, operations and finance
Faster deployment with existing IT support, data sharing and configurability
Revolutionary Solver Analytics

ketteQ ground-breaking technology is built in and deployed on AWS, which offers many advantages for value and speed, such as:

More value from data management, analytics and sharing with other solutions
Ground-breaking polymatic solver architecture for faster and better results

SFDC + AWS Foundation

Secure and scalable cloud platform
Fast and effective to deploy and adapt
Configurable mobile app platform
Already supported by most IT organizations
Extremely flexible to address any unique or advanced needs
Ready-made operations data model, workflow and advanced analytics
Complementary value from 5,000 other ISVs
Configurable security at the user, record, field, and view levels

Analytics at the Speed of Light

Architecture Overview and Benefits

Our revolutionary ‘polymatic’ architecture takes advantage of on demand, affordable processing capacity to deliver better results and faster response time, with far less time to value.  This is used for best fit forecasting and supply solves that provides inventory and order plans across the network.