May 6, 2024

ketteQ Barcelona Release Transforms Supply Chain Planning with Generative AI and Machine Learning

Latest solution release delivers break-through functionality and value via generative AI, machine learning and probabilistic planning on an open, innovative and highly scalable solution architecture.

ATLANTA, May 06, 2024 – ketteQ, a trail-blazing provider of autonomous and probabilistic supply chain planning and optimization solutions that leverage AI and machine learning to deliver breakthrough levels of operational and financial performance, today announced Barcelona, its latest solution release that empowers both manufacturing and service organizations to achieve new levels of supply chain agility, anti-fragility and efficiency.  

As global manufacturers and service organizations grapple with uncertain economic conditions and an increasing number of supply chain disruptions, they are seeking efficiency and resiliency improvements wherever possible. In fact, according to a recent PwC study, 80% of manufacturers say that improving supply chain resiliency is now a top priority. This has made advanced, cloud-based supply chain planning solutions a critical investment – and why leading brands like Carrier, Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan, Cosmetica, Trimble, Inc., quip and ACG Brands are turning to ketteQ.  

“Our partnership with ketteQ has allowed us to take a huge step forward in our supply chain operations, tapping into previously unseen levels of flexibility and scalability,” said Randy Auld, COO at Cosmetica. “We adapt swiftly to market demands while driving sustainable growth and delivering superior service to our customers  – all because ketteQ remains on the cutting edge of technology. We are eager to employ this latest release and realize the full benefits that generative AI and machine learning will bring to our supply chain.”

ketteQ’s latest release, Barcelona, leverages the power of generative AI, machine learning, an innovative supply chain solver, a unique open architecture and the scalability of cloud computing to empower global manufacturers and service organizations to achieve unprecedented levels of supply chain agility, anti-fragility and efficiency.

Key features and benefits of the ketteQ Barcelona release include:

  • Generative AI: ketteQ Barcelona leverages the power of ChatGPT for dynamically querying the supply chain data to unlock a new level of supply chain intelligence. This allows businesses to gain a more comprehensive understanding of their entire supply chain ecosystem, enabling them to make faster, more informed decisions with transparency and visibility across the organization and planning teams.  
  • Seamless Salesforce Connectivity for S&OP Planning and ATP: ketteQ Barcelona eliminates data and time latency from the Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) and Available To Promise (ATP) processes through a bi-directional connection to Salesforce. This ensures forecast accuracy, improved customer service, higher On-Time In Full (OTIF) rates and increased revenue.
  • Unlimited Autonomous Scenario Planning: ketteQ Barcelona introduces unlimited hierarchical and autonomous scenario planning, a first-of-its-kind capability that removes time constraints from the planning process. This empowers manufacturers and service organizations to explore only the most relevant scenarios, evaluate potential outcomes and make data-driven decisions with the highest degrees of confidence – all within given process time constraints.
  • Innovative Solution Architecture: ketteQ Barcelona expands upon the capabilities of its industry-leading solver. This functionality provides users with a clear path to action by translating insights from the planning process into actionable recommendations.
  • Open Architecture: ketteQ Barcelona boasts an open architecture, allowing businesses to integrate ketteQ with their existing data science and machine learning systems. This fosters a collaborative environment where human expertise meets the power of AI, driving optimal decision-making.

“In today’s complex and ever-changing market landscape, global manufacturers and service organizations with sophisticated supply chains require a new era of planning solutions that enable efficiency, agility and resiliency” said Chris Amet, CTO of ketteQ. “Legacy planning systems suffer from technology drag and have become stale and frozen in time from a solution and more specifically parameter standpoint. A modern planning solution that automatically adjusts to disruptions and changes in the business is no longer just a nice to have, it is a strategic investment into a company’s future success.”  

Amet continued, “Our Barcelona release addresses this critical need by leveraging the power of generative AI, machine learning, and our industry-leading solver engine to provide a level of supply chain intelligence and probabilistic planning that has never been seen before. With ketteQ Barcelona, organizations can explore relevant scenarios, gain a deeper understanding of their entire supply chain ecosystem, and make data-driven decisions with greater confidence, all while ensuring seamless Salesforce connectivity and fostering a collaborative environment between human expertise and AI. We look forward to seeing the value manufacturers and service organizations continue to derive from ketteQ solutions as they embrace this latest release.”

To learn more about ketteQ’s advanced supply chain planning solutions and the Barcelona release, visit  

About ketteQ
ketteQ is committed to revolutionizing supply chain technology by developing cutting-edge AI and machine learning solutions to enable autonomous supply chain planning. We empower the world's leading distributors, manufacturers and service providers to achieve breakthrough levels of performance through autonomous planning and intelligent optimization. Leveraging advanced analytics on the Salesforce and AWS cloud platforms, ketteQ bridges the gap left by legacy systems, providing unmatched visibility and data-driven decision-making for today's complex supply chain landscape. Learn more at or follow us on LinkedIn @ketteQ.

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