February 7, 2024

ketteQ Unveils Insights from Industry Titans in Supply Chain Planning Predictions 2024 eBook

Industry Experts from Clorox, Corning, Genpact, Supply Chain Insights, Dell Technologies, Colgate-Palmolive, Salesforce, Korn Ferry and ketteQ Weigh In

Industry Experts from Clorox, Corning, Genpact, Supply Chain Insights, Dell Technologies, Colgate-Palmolive, Salesforce, Korn Ferry and ketteQ Weigh In

ATLANTA, Feb. 7, 2024 – To help manufacturers navigate an era marked by unprecedented levels of changes and challenges, ketteQ, a trail-blazing provider of supply chain planning and optimization solutions that deliver break-through levels of supply chain operating and financial performance, today published Supply Chain Planning Predictions 2024.  

The rate at which supply chain disruptions are occurring has unfortunately exposed fragility and inefficiencies in decades-old processes and supply chain planning systems. As a result, C-suites across enterprises are examining existing processes, strategies, technologies and more to turn the supply chain into a competitive differentiator and value driver. In fact, supply chain efficiency was a key discussion topic at the recent World Economic Forum, noting that disruptions are “increasingly driving companies to look at strategies to make supply chains more resilient.”1

That’s why ketteQ sought out experts from Clorox, Corning, Genpact, Supply Chain Insights, Dell Technologies, Colgate-Palmolive, Salesforce and Korn Ferry for their insights on the pivotal trends that will transform supply chain planning in 2024 and beyond. Those trends include:  

#1: Disruptive events will continue – faster.  
#2: Supply chain conventional wisdom will be challenged.
#3: Dynamic Scenario Planning will become a driver of resilience.
#4: New challenges will require an updated technology architecture to enable a different approach to planning.
#5: Risk and Resilience Centers of Excellence will become the norm.
#6: Supply chains will become the new revenue and profit lever.
#7: The world’s supply chain will become increasingly autonomous.  

“The way supply chains are run hasn’t changed in decades. Meanwhile, supply chains have gotten much more global, connected, and fragile, and when you take out one ‘Jenga block,’ the tendency for the whole tower to come crumbling down increases,” said Mike Landry, CEO of ketteQ. He continued, “when it runs well, it’s great, but when something happens, it’s hard for everyone to respond with the speed that is now required. Manufacturers are now at a unique moment in time and those that capitalize on the opportunity in front of them – investing in new technologies, new ways of thinking and new perspectives – will launch themselves on a path to creating impactful success for years to come.”  

Key contributors to Supply Chain Planning Predictions 2024 include Rick McDonald, Chief Supply Chain Officer, The Clorox Company; Cheryl Capps, Former Chief Supply Chain Officer at Corning, Executive Advisor; Mark Balte, Vice President Services at ketteQ; Lora Cecere, Founder at Supply Chain Insights; Katsutaka Ishida, Managing Director Japan at ketteQ; Michael Ciatto, Senior Vice President and Global Leader, Supply Chain Service Line at Genpact; Mike Landry, CEO at ketteQ; Tom Maher, Supply Chain Executive Consortium at Arizona State University and former Senior Vice President Global Service Parts at Dell Technologies; Josue Munoz, Former Vice President Global Supply Chain at Colgate-Palmolive, Executive Advisor; Bruce Richardson, Chief Enterprise Strategist at; Chris Amet, CTO at ketteQ; Erik Olson, Global Industrial Manufacturing Lead at Korn Ferry; and Bruno Zindy, EMEA Presales Leader at ketteQ.  

“We interviewed multiple industry experts – the best-of-the-best around the globe, to compile this expert advice,” continued Landry. “This eBook will serve as an ultimate guide for manufacturers to establish business plans for not only 2024, but also several years down the road.”

To read Supply Chain Planning Predictions 2024 in its entirety, click here. To learn more about ketteQ and its cutting-edge supply chain planning solutions, visit  

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ketteQ is dedicated to supply chain technology innovation and empowering the world’s leading distributors, manufacturers and service providers to achieve break-through levels of supply chain management and financial performance. Built on Salesforce and AWS, with strengths in security, scalability, and configurability, ketteQ offers supply chain organizations extended capabilities to fill in the gaps left by legacy systems with unparalleled analytics and visibility for today’s supply chain needs. For further information, visit or follow @ketteQ on LinkedIn.


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